Sample of Client deliverables:

  • Developing Strategy for External Relations
  • Building partnerships with Stakeholders
  • Impact studies – value creation
  • Engaging stakeholders – issue management
  • Reputation & crisis management
  • Meetings with Government representatives, World Economic Forum etc.



Global company within a number of different industries – high autonomy in each business, lack of coordination jeopardized existing business in a specific country.


  • Coordination imperative to secure existing business – precondition to expand
  • Need to establish transparent decision process – delegation from Executive level

Focus and contributions:

  • Establishing a dedicated function responsible for External coordination, focusing on coordination, alignment and reporting directly to Executive level
  • External relations part of Business Strategy,

Once secured, mid to long term expanding business in region



Global company, top tier within their field, “stumbled” across a new product and made a strategic decision to opportunistic enter a very immature market


  • Need to build the market as product not yet in demand,
  • Public awareness and support essential to secure market

Focus and contributions:

  • Create corporate strategy to secure internal transparency focusing on engaging external stakeholders
  • Engaging and help build third party platforms to address product need

Provide guidance and provide support for business when engaging external stakeholders



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